The Horses are Home but £1million still remains…

Everyone is home, safe and with their families this weekend recounting the whole 10 days over and over again. It seemed like a lifetime thinking of them in our waking hours, while they were still going through the sleepy ones, day after day.

What an idea, what an experience, what an idea. It seems unreal that in 10 days, over 1000 miles were covered, there were over 100 change-over points for the horses, there were logistics not only for the drivers of the ambulance, the horses pulling the ambulance but also for the drivers for horses, drivers of people, drivers of kit…

It was back-breaking for those beautiful horses, soul-destroying ploughing through driven rain and yet when they were asked to be patient where the unexpected struck they did their job: they all did what was asked of them.

And now it’s our turn…

We still have the £million to raise. So please don’t let the past 10 days disappear into 2011, let’s still try to make a difference to our servicemen and women. Continue to be part of it. You can’t just let it go!

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One Response to The Horses are Home but £1million still remains…

  1. Niki Williams says:

    It would be nice if this website was updated. People are interested how much money has been raised so far, how much was raised in each area etc.
    Also, people who waited to see the ambulance and were disapointed if they were late or didn’t call in would be interested as to the reason.
    Failing this, is there another site we could go to for the information? We have followed this challenge day by day and now it is a bit of an anti-climax to be left not knowing how it did.

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