Wednesday 29 June 2011 – THE FINAL MORNING

At 7.30am Jacks sent me a text: ‘Just got up the Berriedale Braes with the magnificent shires! Words cannot describe how amazing that is!’

We are all on the edge of our seats… I will try to let you know as soon as I do about when they reach John O’Groats.

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8 Responses to Wednesday 29 June 2011 – THE FINAL MORNING

  1. Ruth Staines says:

    Billy and Horace in the Highlands must look fantastic – well done Andy S, Andy T, Gareth, Jimmy and John – you must all have been eating carrots (an so must the horses!) so you can see in the dark! See you all very soon!

  2. Pauline says:

    Cant speak. So thrilled for you all. Go careful now!!


  3. Fiona Calder says:

    I know the Berriedale Brae and can well imagine your hearts must have been in your mouths – but you did it! A huge WELL DONE to all concerned – the drivers, riders, essential support team and of course the HORSES. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about what you have all achieved and I only wish I could be there at the finishing line to cheer you in.. It has been an emotional week!

  4. rodney ousbey says:

    well done to andy spatcher jimmy wheeler and team for such a huge undertaking

  5. Karen Busby says:

    Nearly there! Wish we could be there to see you all home but as thats not possible we are sending you virtual cheers, hugs, smiles and quite probably a few tears too! Fabulous. Well done.

  6. hooray hooray you must be about there We can only express our heartfelt c
    To everyone of you and your amazing horses.In spirit we followed you all of the journey Our best wishes Maureen John Ann and Roy from Launceston Cornwall.

  7. Lorna Calder says:

    Well done on making it all the way, I’ve been following your blog,,, I can just imagine your faces never mind what the horses thought when you arrived at Berridale Braes, it’s not the easiest bit on the road, bad enough towing a trailer up and down it never mind, driving the down it with your horses and wagons.

    Hope all the horses and humans recover well, after such a long trip, a holiday now for them as they have done a brilliant job, once again thank you to you all for your hardwork and effort in raising money for this worthwhile cause.

  8. Carol Shore says:

    looking forward to seeing Molly, Rosie, Patches and Jacks and Sophie back home! Well done on your amazing feat, incredible!!!!

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