Dr Francis Atkinson


Born in 1981, Francis Atkinson joined the army as a doctor on completing his degree in medicine at University College London. Currently a member of 16 Medical Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps, Francis was posted to Afghanistan in 2010 to provide medical cover in a Forward Operating Base.

He was accompanying a patrol of 2 PARA when they were caught in an insurgent ambush and he suffered a gunshot wound to his upper arm, which damaged the nerves and resulted in an inability to control his hand and wrist. Following surgery to repair the damage, Francis is currently undergoing recovery and rehabilitation. He hopes and expects to resume his career as an army medical officer before too long.

Francis has learned to drive a carriage and ride a horse (with one hand) in order to take part in this challenge. He also provided back-up to the paramedics on the challenge.










Dr Francis Atkinson


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