Colin Hamilton


Sergeant Colin Hamilton is a serving soldier with 3 SCOTS and based near Inverness, where he lives with his wife, Karen and two children.

He joined the army in 1993 and after spending seven years with the Royal Highland Fusiliers he transferred to The Black Watch in 2001 as a Warrior fighting vehicle Commander/Gunner. Shortly afterwards while on duty in Kosovo he went to the rescue of a colleague who was entangled with a high–voltage electric cable. As a result Colin’s right leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated above the knee.

After treatment he returned to front–line soldiering in 2004 and was deployed on active service in Iraq, taking part in Operation Dogwood when the US forces re–captured Fallujah.

He has recently become the first military recipient of an ITAP, a new form of prosthetic leg where the prosthetic is attached directly to the bone, which he finds is an enormous advance which will enable him to be much more mobile and active.

In order to take part in the challenge he has learned to ride a horse and drive a carriage to add to his existing skills of skiing, abseiling, quad–biking and rafting, as well as playing volleyball.

He will return to regimental duty in Scotland following the completion of this challenge.

Colin Hamilton


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